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Item # 1101
Pages: 130
Type: Hardcover
Publication Date: 1979

By Larry Williams       
Price: $50.00


Chapter One

  • Exactly How I Made My Million Dollars
  • How Dreams Come True
  • Lady Luck--Does She Exist?
  • What I Would Do Differently
  • The Rate Race And Commodity Trading
  • Random Thoughts On A Non-Random Market
  • Stick To Your Game Plan
  • Relax Your Way To Easy Street

Chapter Two

  • My Key Ingredient To Market Success
  • How Winners End Up Losers
  • How To Manage Money And Eliminate Margin Calls
  • The 30% Stop Rule
  • How To Know When You Are Over-Extended
  • My Unique Pyramid System That Almost Guarantees Profits
  • How A Square Can Be A Pyramid
  • How To Stop Points
  • How To Know The Number Of Contracts To Buy
  • How To Win Even When You Are Losing
  • Putting It All Together

Chapter Three

  • My Frank Advice For Beginners
  • The Important Difference Between Stocks And Commodities
  • Terms You Must Know
  • A Word About The Wall Street Journal
  • How To Select The Best Broker
  • The Smart Money Way To Select A Brokerage Firm
  • My List Of Superior Advisory Services

Chapter Four

  • My Million Dollar Fundamental System
  • Fundamentals: Why They Are Important
  • Two Definitions That Are Important
  • A Sampling Of Fundamental Tools
  • My Million Dollar Tools
  • My First Smart Money Tool
  • My Second Smart Money Tool
  • My Third Smart Money Tool
  • How To Evaluate All Fundamental News
  • What To Do Once You Have Made Your Fundamental Decision

Chapter Five

  • How To Find Trades With 10/1 Odds
  • Spotting The Best Trades
  • The First Indication Of A Million Dollar Trade
  • Your Second Lesson Of Premiums
  • The Second Indication Of A Million Dollar Trade
  • Why These Million Dollar Tools Work
  • Additional Tools To “Clinch” Your Trades
  • Contrary Opinion
  • News Action
  • How Charts Forecast
  • Commitment Of Large Traders
  • How To Identify Trend Direction

Chapter Six

  • My Million Dollar—Never Before Revealed—Trading Tools
  • A Word On Technical Theory
  • The Profitability Of Momentum
  • How Fast Are Prices Changing?
  • Time Period Important
  • The Markets’ Most Important Technical Aspect
  • How To Tell When A Commodity Is Oversold
  • Timing Your Silver Trades
  • Soy Bean Oil And Super Profits
  • The Secret Of Selling Short
  • Identifying A Setting Point For Beans
  • How To Handle Trading Ranges
  • How To Combine Momentum With %R
  • How To Use These Tools In A Bull Market
  • How Technical Data Can Identify The Fundamentals
  • Ten Week Average—Rules
  • How Price Smoothing Detects The True Trend
  • How To Use The Fundamental Direction Index
  • A Negative Note
  • What A “Lead-Pipe-Cinch” Trade Looks Like

Chapter Seven

  • How I Read Charts
  • What Charts Can Show
  • How Charts Detect The Strongest Commodity Or Group Of Commodities
  • How I Monitor Chart Action
  • How Charts Identify Turning Points
  • My New Reversal Day Discovery
  • The Meaning Of Gaps
  • How Gaps Help You Get Discounted Prices

Chapter Eight

  • The Great Silver Secret
  • My Best Line
  • The Buy Signal
  • The Sell Signals
  • The Sugar Secret
  • Special Hints On The Use Of This Unique Method

Chapter Nine

  • How Transactional Analysis Helped Make My Million Dollars
  • Commodity Winners: What They Have In Common
  • Identifying A Few Market “Games”
  • The “Dumb Broker” Game
  • The “Help Me—I’m Just A Poor Country Boy” Game
  • The “Let Me Rest” Game
  • Why I Like Losers
  • How To Become A Winner

Chapter Ten

  • My Priceless Trading Hints
  • How To Profit From The Morning Bulge
  • How To Spot Commodity Cycles
  • When To Buy At The Opening
  • When To Use Market Orders
  • How A Very Small Trader Can “Test” The Market
  • The Secret Of Three
  • The Five Day Major Move Signal
  • What Are The Odds For An Advance This Month?
  • More Information On The Commercials
  • Where To Place Stops
  • Time Stops
  • How To Use Mental Stops
  • A Final Comment On Open Interest
  • How To Forecast Tomorrow’s High And Low
  • My Pivot Price Formula
  • How To Identify The Exact High Or Low Of A Move
  • The Ultimate Trading Tip

Chapter Eleven

  • How To Start Making Money Tomorrow Morning
  • What To Do Today
  • Where Most Of Your Time Should Be Spent
  • Additional Hints On Using Technical Tools
  • What To Do When You Have Your Signal
  • How You Will Profit
  • What To Do When You Are Stopped Out
  • How Pros Handle Their Profits
  • The Most Important Trading Advice I Can Give You
  • When To Take Your Profits
  • When To Move Stops Closer
  • A Closing Statement
  • Your Success

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