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Item # 3014
Pages: 212
Type: Hardcover
Publication Date: 2003

By John Momsen       
Price: $65.00


(From The Jacket) - In Superstar Seasonals career trader John Momsen presents his all-star team of the 18 top powerhouse seasonal trades in existence today. Considered by many to be the most knowledgeable seasonal trading expert alive, John Momsen methodically details 18 “personal favorite” outstanding trading opportunities that roll around every 12 months (like clockwork) and have established themselves as faithfully dependable profit performers. Every one of the 18 “superstar seasonals” boasts extremely impressive performance statistics. Fact is, in a thoroughly researched historical analysis—spanning 3 decades—these 18 treasured trades produced accumulated profits of over $700,000!

Though it’s always held a certain logical appeal for futures traders, seasonal trading is currently enjoying a huge surge in popularity. Simply put, trading seasonally is an attempt to capitalize on price moves that tend to recur at approximately the same time of year each year. Superstar Seasonals is the second book on seasonal trading written by John Momsen. In this long-awaited sequel to his 1998 best-seller, John Momsen further cements his reputation for seasonal trading expertise by identifying 18 prime seasonal trade opportunities and providing you with the necessary training on how to safely exploit them.

The secret to the author’s success is found in his careful structuring of ideal trade rules to aggressively capitalize on each unique seasonal situation. The rules absolutely must be kept uncomplicated and simple…while squeezing every last “gettable” dollar from the opportunity at hand. The specific entry, exit and stop rules for the Superstar Seasonals are cleverly determined using John Momsen’s Mega-Seasonals Method. Mega-Seasonals is a straightforward adaptive trade selection approach, that waits for the seasonal Time Window…enters on a breakout…then lets the market itself dictate stop placement and exit. By “listening” to the market…and allowing for “trade in progress” adjustments…John Momsen has ingeniously crafted the ideal means to capitalize on recurring seasonal tendencies.

This time around—in his highly “sought after” sequel—John Momsen isolated a total of 18 seasonal tendencies in 13 different markets…with a particularly strong emphasis on traditional markets that have long established histories of seasonal price reactions (such as soybeans and sugar). Each of the following markets exhibits at least one (and, in some cases, two or three) dependable and exploitable seasonal tendencies:

  • Soybean Oil
  • Cattle
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Crude Oil
  • Heating Oil
  • Hogs
  • Wheat
  • Orange Juice
  • Pork Bellies
  • Soybeans
  • Sugar
  • Unleaded Gasoline

And introduced for the first time is the “SUMM” money management system. SUMM stands for Simple Uncomplicated Money Management…and is a fixed risk strategy long favored by John Momsen himself. This incredibly logical approach to managing money wisely imposes a precisely calibrated level of discipline on your trading, helping you avoid the pitfalls of overtrading AND undertrading. The SUMM money management system will help you minimize risk and maximize profit when trading John Momsen’s 18 new SUPERSTAR SEASONALS.

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