About Windsor Books

Serving Traders Since 1967

In January 2024, Windsor Books marked its 57th anniversary as the premier source of both new and classic trading information for investors and speculators around the globe. Windsor was started as a small “side interest” hobby by an aerospace engineer named Alfred Schmidt, back when Lyndon Johnson was in office and the Beatles new sound was sweeping the nation. Today, Windsor Books is in its third generation of family operation, with valued customers on 6 continents (we’re still waiting for that first order from Antarctica)–including over 100,000 active traders in the United States alone.

Over the past 57 years, Windsor has carved out its niche–and earned its reputation–as a reliable “one stop source” for the freshest new trading ideas being used in the markets, along with the best tried and true classic investment techniques. Although our name–officially–has the word “Books” in it, you will also find a valuable collection of videos and DVDs on this web site.

Our goal throughout this site–and Windsor’s philosophy in general–is to provide you with an excellent selection of both “cutting edge” and “classic” trading ideas without overwhelming you. To that end, you’ll find the number of trading products we carry to be extensive, yet–at the same time–intentionally limited. You see, in assembling the Windsor product line, a significant effort is put in “screening out”–and excluding–lesser quality and/or unoriginal items. By offering only the most useful and practical books, videos, etc.–rather than everything ever published–your decision making is less daunting, your “learning curve” is shorter, and your product choices invariably prove more immediately beneficial.

Plus, all Windsor products are backed up with what’s recognized throughout the industry to be the single most “customer friendly” guarantee policy around…an unconditional 100% full money back guarantee on books for 2 months, and a 50% refund on videos/DVDs.

Fact is, for 57 years now, Windsor Books has been that specialized “customer friendly” corner store–that always has just what you need…NOT some sprawling superstore with too many products for its own good–or yours.

Thank you very much for your business. Of course, any suggestions you would care to make as to how we can improve our service to you would be greatly appreciated. Good luck with your trading!

(By the way, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for—ask us. We’ll do everything in our power to locate and acquire it for you.)