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Practical, usable rules compiled by Gann over his 40 year trading career. This fascinating book presents Gann's trading tactics in his own words . . . tactics that­ can and are being used effectively in today's financial markets. Discover Gann's guidelines for capital preservation . . . as well as his time-tested methods for increased profits. It's remarkable to see just how ahead of his time W. D. Gann truly was . . . particularly with his insights into swing trading. Contains many of Gann's original formulas, rules and charting methods.

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Combines practical applications of Gann Theory with the author's own technical analysis insights - with an emphasized focus on the key elements of pattern, price and time. See how to combine straightforward Gann Analysis with other popular technical tools to anticipate market movements. You're shown how to apply Gann's basic rules without getting too fancy or complicated.


Examines the methods of the world's most legendary trader, W. D. Gann. Puts Gann's work in clear, understandable terms. Presents a logical, easy-to-use method of trading. After reading this book, you'll know that turning points can be found and accurate price projections made . . . in all markets and all time frames. The rules are fully automatic. Filled with over 70 charts showing the method in use.