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This compact guide gives you a sophisticated approach to building winning algo systems in a user-friendly, how-to format. Provides the necessary theory and historical perspective to develop your system with confidence and the technical know-how to fine-tune it to your specific parameters and risk.


This incredibly timely book shows how to make profits even when there are no market trends - and price shocks rock the markets every day. Numerous "stat-arb" (statistical arbitrage) strategies are spelled out for minimizing the impact of directional market risk. Spreads, pairs and other market neutral positions - applied properly - can tilt your risk curve downward and increase your probability of success.


Walks you through the ins and outs of using TradeStation - the premier investment software on the market today. This book is the definitive user's manual for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of creating and utilizing trading systems with TradeStation.


Veteran trader Robert Barnes introduces brand new instantaneously responsive trading methods designed specifically for quicker, more volatile 21st Century markets. Each method assesses the market "on the fly" . . . yielding definitive Buy/Sell/Stand Aside signals instantaneously. Five complete methods ­ AND five "New Century" chart patterns ­ are presented.

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This groundbreaking guide presents an easy-to-understand model that transforms momentum concepts into an actionable investing strategy called Global Equity Momentum (GEM). This unique approach enables you to consistently profit on major changes in relative strength and market trend.

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Global Macro - short for global macroeconomics - is the strategy of using economic theory, educated guesses about the macroeconomic environment, and geopolitical events to make large scale investments around the world. This remarkable book makes "global macro" realistically usable for smaller individual traders.


Skillfully outlines every aspect of a practical trading plan - from entry to exit. Trains you to identify high probability trade setups with minimal capital exposure. And introduces the Multiple Time Frame Momentum Strategy...a powerful approach to filter any market and any time frame for trade direction and execution.

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It's a simple truth that a correct interpretation of Federal Reserve policy leads to better investment decisions. This unique book presents strategies that will help you design a portfolio that takes Fed policy into account. It reveals how the nation's bank routinely signals important clues about it's future policy - and explains how you can use these clues to enhance your portfolio performance.


The RSL (Relative Strength Locator) method is a time-tested, disciplined approach to trading the market. This market timing method utilizes a combination of eight indicators -­ some classic, some totally new -­ that work in real-time trading. Includes a detailed performance record that validates the approach. System is applied to Futures, Options and Mutual Fund markets with step-by-step rules.


Introduces specialized turning point detection method known as PAMA -­ The Pivotal Area Of Market Analysis. Using a small powerful arsenal of technical techniques PAMA searches out high probability pivotal area "turn zones" . . . then selects specific entry and exit points using simple price patterns and incisive chart formations. Applicable to all markets.

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Takes you inside the science of crowd psychology and demonstrates that not only do price patterns exist, but the most predictable ones are rooted in our shared human nature. By applying algorithms to social media data, the author has opened up an unprecedented world of insight into the elusive patterns of investor sentiment driving repeating market moves.

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Rumor and greed abound in the futures markets. The fact that price reacts predictably to rumor and greed is the basis of this objective trading strategy. Shrewdly devised mechanical technical rules allow you to pinpoint in advance future highs and lows. Knowing how traders respond to specific price events allows you to automatically set price swing targets and structure profitable trades accordingly.