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Kicks off with an exciting blow by blow account of one of the biggest killings in market history. A staggering profit made by a man who had never before traded a single futures contract! The trading plan presented incorporates a tool called The Volatility Index.

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Successful trader and market educator Mark Larson details his 12 favorite indicators...explaining how he picked them, how he tested them, and how they work together to track down winning trades.

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Trains first time traders in the importance of making a series of right decisions before ever placing a commodity trade. Presents detailed instruction on fully understanding market mechanics and logistics...choosing a proper trading platform...understanding order types...quoting and calculating profit or loss in each of the commodity markets...preparing for margin calls...and much more.


Trading legend Larry Williams wrote this relatively short "straight to the point" booklet the year after shattering a trading contest record by running $10,000 up to $1,147,607. -- (Book supplied as a PDF. Please allow 48 hours to receive it.)

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A full scale trading method is taught. The Twin-Line Method posted impressive historical results. Completely original, and brings with it as low a risk as possible in commodities. (Although the production quality of this older text is not great, the method taught appears to have merit.)


Agricultural options offer an exciting opportunity to make spectacular profits at a low fixed risk. George Angell shows how to master these powerful instruments to earn maximum profits. You'll learn how to identify a good ag options buy . . . how to profit in a stationary market . . . and a shrewd way to make a fortune in soybeans on $5,000 or less. Also find out about the author's Twenty Time-Tested Rules specifically for grain options.

Algorithmic Trading


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A practical guide to algorithmic trading strategies that can be readily implemented by both retail and institutional traders alike. Skillfully covers a wide array of strategies. Broadly divided into the mean-reverting and momentum camps, it lays out standard techniques for trading each category of strategies and the fundamental reasons why a strategy should work.

All About Series


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This book uses simple language to explain what drives price fluctuation of commodities - from energy, industrial metals, and mines to livestock, agriculture and precious metals - and how to design a powerful, reliable strategy for profiting from them.

All About Series


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Walks you through everything you need to know to make currency trading a vibrant part of your diversified portfolio and generate handsome returns - regardless of what is happening to stocks and bonds.

All About Series


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This highly detailed guide introduces many of the key indicators that suggest what other investors are up to. You'll learn how to access these indicators - often using free or low cost sources - and interpret and implement them to raise your odds of success.

All About Series


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Offers easy-to-use market-timing strategies you can weave into your investment approach. Provides the skills you need to maximize profits while minimizing risk - no matter what direction the market takes. Includes four indicators for determining the market's health.


Introduces a fundamentals-based system that automatically signals which commodity to trade . . . whether to go long or short . . . when to pyramid . . . when to liquidate to nail down your gains. Targets triple digit returns every year.

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Trains you to better anticipate trends in the currency markets...and provides the tools for aggressive Forex trading. An overall relatively simple trading approach anchored with down-to-earth practical strategies.

Indicators & Techniques


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In depth analysis of the extraordinarily popular Bollinger Bands trading technique. This now legendary technical analysis tool helps determine whether prices are too high or too low for virtually any security or market environment. Also covers John Bollinger's unique overall investing approach he'd dubbed Rational Analysis.

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J. D. Hamon reveals his personal favorite approaches of chart trading.

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Walks you through the ins and outs of using TradeStation - the premier investment software on the market today. This book is the definitive user's manual for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of creating and utilizing trading systems with TradeStation.

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This author's unique trading method combines candlestick charting with pivot point analysis. The primary emphasis in this book is on showing you how to devise your own setups and triggers - in the stock, forex, and futures markets - based on a moving average approach. John Person also discloses some of his previously proprietary setups...complete with rules on the entries and exits to help you identify high probability trades.

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Focuses on combining candlesticks with traditional technical analysis to identify and anticipate price patterns in the financial and commodity markets. Includes a very unique and insightful look at uncovering the psychological component in chart patterns--and then capitalizing on it.

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This friendly, practical guide explains candlestick charting and technical analysis in plain English. Shows you how to work with common candlestick patterns and analyze data to make smart trading decisions. You'll also learn to combine patterns with other indicators for more profitable trading.


Professional trader Colin Alexander unveils his revolutionary long-term commodities trading plan The Wellspring System. This remarkable technical method targets the "big moves" and is structured with precise entry and exit techniques to capture maximum profits from every substantial trend. Using a step-by-step, businesslike approach, Colin Alexander detects the most exceptional, high potential opportunities . . . and opens the door to a level of profitability never before attainable. Phenomenal five-year track record shown!

Price Patterns


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Shows the ins and outs of recognizing the specific technical patterns that are most useful for traders to know. Each of the patterns presented has stood the test of time, and contains a message from the markets that can help capture or preserve profits. Learn to interpret each message properly and then act appropriately.

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Takes chart analysis one step further. Goes beyond buy triggers to examine price reactions in twenty of the most common chart patterns. Simply match your setup to one of the configurations presented and see - before you buy - how your trade will likely perform.

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Offers an inside look at the ups and downs, failures and victories of one of the few traders to have ever earned over $1 million in a calendar year by trading futures intraday. In this detailed journal you can peek over the author's shoulder as he tiptoes through the minefield of real time trading.

Fundamental Analysis



Presents the Grandmill Price and Timing Tables for accurately forecasting tops and bottoms in the Corn futures market. Technical, fundamental and cyclic considerations all play a role in this unique and successful approach to Corn trading.