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Trade Planning & Timing


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Explains what really happens on the often chaotic trading floor and helps to interpret the conversations and roles and responsibilities of key players. Learn how what goes on down on the floor directly impacts global financial markets. Walks you through common financial transactions and sheds light on opaque terminology.

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This book is designed to help you develop an in-depth research process, through a series of checklists, that will allow you to effectively generate and research investment ideas, assess the quality of a business and its management team, and ultimately improve the performance of your portfolio.

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This comprehensive guide brings together the 3 all-important trading skills--systems building, pattern recognition, and mental state discipline--and examines how you can develop this "triple threat" skill set to sustain or gain a true competitive edge in today's challenging markets. The section on Pattern Recognition emphasizes use of the Wyckoff Method of chart reading and technical analysis.

Trade Planning & Timing


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In-depth analysis of the trading process. Dissects a trade into its component parts, tracking it from pre-conception to maturity. Also looks at the legal, operational, liquidity, credit and market risks to which the trade is exposed.

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Skillfully reveals how to adapt Richard Wyckoff's legendary trading techniques to excel in today's volatile markets. This reliable resource looks at Wyckoff's approach from a more modern perspective and shows how you can logically interpret bar charts and wave charts to find trades about to happen.

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Takes an in-depth look at money management, stops, support and resistance...and explores the four main trading styles people use when learning to invest in the stock market. This is the first book in the widely anticipated "Evolution of a Trader" series.

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This comprehensive guide provides a blueprint for trading success with 28 essential rules that can be shaped to fit any trading approach...and can be applied to all markets. You'll learn the underlying logic and deeper psychology behind many of these widely accepted and critically important rules.