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The daily grind of the trader is always full of excitement, energy, adventure...and stress. In this groundbreaking book - written by a psychiatrist who specializes in stress management and performance enhancement - you'll learn techniques for coping with, and reducing, the specific unique stressors that particularly affect traders. The author presents case studies and personality profiles of real-life traders hampered and slowed by stress...and then describes practical techniques that can be used to handle destructive emotions and out-of-control feelings.


Presents a time-tested strategy for creating the conditions that allow you to reach levels of trading success you never thought possible. Providing expert insight into both trading practices and psychology, the author teaches you how to steadily cut losses short and meet your investment goals through position sizing.

Market Psychology



Provides the tools to help you prioritorize both your trading goals and your life - and become your own trading psychologist. Includes 101 lessons, each of which first identifies a challenge traders face...then suggests an approach to meet that challenge...and finally provides a specific suggestion to implement that approach.

Market Psychology



Explains the critical link between successful trading and personality traits...and gives you the tools to use this information to make smarter trades. Shows you how to assess and measure your innate personality traits and align them with your trading style for more profitable trading on a more consistent basis.


Adroitly illustrates the challenges and emotional swings traders encounter...and, more importantly, gives traders the tools they need to mentally prepare themselves for the trading day. Encourages you to adhere to ten key habits that can transform your trading for good.

Market Psychology



Uses real world examples to explain how mental traps sabotage traders from achieving the results they desire. Approaches the markets with a highly successful psychological model used in professional sports.


Details a skill set of personal characteristics all traders must possess--or develop--in order to profit on a regular basis. Draws from the fields of psychology, spirituality and philosophy to demonstrate how adhering to a small number of core principles can vastly improve your chances of success. Learn to defeat fear, embrace change, develop intuition, control stress, and--finally--develop a game plan for trading success.


This highly anticipated second edition of his runaway bestseller delivers Tharp's 14-step model for developing a profitable system as well as his latest methods and techniques for winning in any market. Cuts right to the essence of professional trading: how to develop winning attitudes and to trade for "expectancy" to master position sizing, and much more.


The definitive resource for understanding and applying mindfulness-based trading approaches. Includes techniques to build and enhance awareness and insight, which help manage thoughts and emotions and maximize trading performance.


Shows you new ways to dramatically improve your trading results and your overall financial well-being. This book trains you on how to properly look within yourself and shine a light on the engrained ideas, beliefs and perceptions that influence every one of your trading decisions, and that may be keeping you from the success you deserve.


This insightful book spells out the underlying reasons for a lack of consistently profitable trades, and--through simple exercises--teaches traders to think in terms of probabilities, while adopting the core beliefs necessary to assume a "winner's mindset." Offers specific solutions to the "human factor" problems of trading.

Market Psychology



A comprehensive guide to applying the science of psychology to the art of trading in a dynamic and evolving marketplace. Filled with new, research-based insights and practical approaches, this hands-on resource offers a wealth of proven techniques and best practices that can help traders take advantage of the emerging science of positive psychology. Emphasizes sustaining peak performance.