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A full scale trading method is taught. The Twin-Line Method posted impressive historical results. Completely original, and brings with it as low a risk as possible in commodities. (Although the production quality of this older text is not great, the method taught appears to have merit.)


Presents powerful, low-risk strategies for making huge profits trading futures. First learn the author's favorite "classic" spreads in traditional markets, then discover exciting new spread strategies for today's newest and hottest markets. Included are specific strategies for reaping large profits in stock indexes, energy (gas and crude oil), precious metals, interest rate instruments and foreign currencies.


This book updates spread trades Mr. Angell originally published in 1980. Learn 20 specific trade strategies that have been proven successful in real-time. At the time of publication, one Pork Belly spread had been 100% correct for over 15 years.

Great Eight



An unprecedented, hand-picked collection of the most trusted and effective seasonal trades available to you now--and for years to come. This long-awaited sequel to John Momsen's 1998 best-seller offers up a newly selected star-studded roster of 18 prized seasonals--9 totally new trades plus 9 "updated and perfected" revised trades from his first book--all boasting extremely impressive performance statistics. John Momsen's faithfully dependable SUPERSTAR SEASONALS are "personal favorite" outstanding trading opportunities that roll around every 12 months--like clockwork!

Spreads & Seasonals



The original breakthrough in successful commodity trading. Features a systematic trading program that achieved seven winners out of every eight seasonal tendency commodity trades.

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Teaches the revolutionary and highly profitable technique of techni-seasonal trading. This unique approach utilizes technical analysis tools to confirm potential seasonal trades. Outstanding results presented along with complete rules for trading.


In this extremely popular book, career trader John Momsen has assembled 41 of the most profitable, accurate and dependable seasonal trades the futures markets have to offer. Trades that tend to kick in “right on schedule” year after year after year. Using a straightforward “no fluff” presentation, the author shows you how to capitalize on the most cooperative annually recurring price moves in 22 different futures markets. This remarkable book actually unveils clearly repetitive NEW seasonal tendencies that somehow, someway escaped detection—until now!

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Newly revised version of a landmark book that introduces the unique "Scale Trading" system. This amazing method has consistently generated over 90% winning trades - and actually had a perfect year, showing 130 winners out of 130 total trades. Now the secrets of this sensational system are released for the first time, so traders everywhere can reap similar rewards. The unrivaled "system and money management" approach will shock you. And now this complete, ready-to-trade system can have you trading like the pros in no time!