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Indicators & Techniques



In depth analysis of the extraordinarily popular Bollinger Bands trading technique. This now legendary technical analysis tool helps determine whether prices are too high or too low for virtually any security or market environment. Also covers John Bollinger's unique overall investing approach he'd dubbed Rational Analysis.

Indicators & Techniques



An in-depth look at the interpretation and practical application of these justifiably world-famous contrarian indicators. DeMark Indicators enjoy the reputation of being particularly predictive...and are designed to anticipate trend reversals. Learn to identify the exhaustion of established trends or the onset of new ones.


Examines over one hundred indicators that suggest what other traders and investors are up to. Learn a multitude of time-tested methods that can help reveal the actions of competing traders...and discover concrete ways to take advantage of that information.


Success in commodity trading depends on good price forecasting. That's what this market classic is about: Using price charts (and other simple technical indicators) to time your trades better, spot price trends, estimate the distance a new price thrust will travel, locate logic points for "buy" and "sell" stops, and identify potential trend reversal points.


Small, low-priced, yet powerful booklet reveals an approach for capitalizing on market volatility. This same technique was the key element behind numerous successful $3,000 systems.

Indicators & Techniques



Understanding the macroeconomic forces at work everyday is essential to managing risk and getting in front of the next big movers.These underlying trends shift economies the same way earnings releases move stocks, which make following economic indicators a core practice of successful investors and traders. This book conveniently offers an illustrated tour of all the major indicators to habitually watch.

Indicators & Techniques



This definitive guide skillfully explains how to utilize the proven methods of H.M. Gartley - including the justifiably famous retracement pattern that bears his name - to capture consistent profits in the financial markets.


This insightful and entertaining book reveals the hidden clues to future economic trends and investment opportunities that are obtainable through an informed analysis of everyday economic indicators.


This book hones in on the dozen most important economic statistics observed on Wall Street today and in a clear and concise manner tells you exactly what these important reports measure and what they mean. From GDP and employment to consumer confidence and spending, you'll learn what to look for and how to react.

Indicators & Techniques



This book is jam-packed with specific techniques for pinpointing high, low and trend change points in price and time. Contains a priceless collection of turning point forecasting techniques, including Geometric Charting, Gann and Fibonacci Analysis and Time Projection. See how Mr. Duffy links his 60%-90% accurate component methods into the proven profitable "Trading Advantage" approach.

Indicators & Techniques



Skillfully explores the ins and outs of the increasingly popular "fear index", VIX. You'll be shown a host of methods of using the VIX for market analysis...along with clever new ways to directly trade volatility.


Oscillators are a specialized group of essential technical analysis tools often used for catching market turning points. Here's a complete guide that examines all the most popular ones, including: RSI, stochastics, Elder-Ray, momentum, etc.