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This extremely practical book provides a straightforward lesson on how to make money using the Elliott Wave Theory. You will learn the specific market conditions and situations when you are most likely to profitably apply Elliott Wave to significantly improve your trading.


This enormously popular book about Elliott Wave was written by two of the most prominent figures in wave analysis. Covers basic principles, detailing the theory and application of all concepts including: Fibonacci numbers, ratio analysis, time sequence, cyclic analysis, and Kondratieff Wave.


Trains you to apply the classic yet complicated Elliott Wave trading techniques using a modern, simplified approach that will help you identify cycles, anticipate trends, and cash in on your trades. Includes the author's unique Probability Matrix, a powerful tool for verifying the signals of emerging and faltering market trends.


New Zealand born trader Myles Wilson Walker has finally taken the Elliott Wave Principle up that last, most important step ­ making it real-time tradable and practical for all traders, big and small. Mr. Walker structured a new systematic trade selection approach, called the C Wave method, which specializes in signalling Elliott Wave trades as they are about to start moving (not weeks after the fact).


Reveals the author's private strategy for winning exceptionally high profits in both the stock and futures markets. Applies the unique concept of "matching waves" to forecast imminent price moves. Symmetry Wave tracks your favorite market's "heartbeat," then follows precise technical rules to capture "choice trades."