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The complete guide for the long-term investor. Provides an unprecedented ideal platform for forecasting the expected returns of an investment portfolio for asset allocation and portfolio balancing purposes.


A thought provoking book that outlines what it takes to develop, evaluate and implement an effective trading strategy in the real world. Packed with life and market lessons, the author corrects the misconceptions and explains the realities of futures trading, along with the risks and potential rewards. Introduces the Angle Ratio, a proprietary performance measuring method that could eclipse the Sharpe Ratio as the premier indicator of system performance.


Discover how an average trading system can earn spectacular profits through superior money management. Money management is now--and always will be--the single most important aspect of trading. Author Ryan Jones gives investors proven risk managemnet techniques that can lead to consistent and regular profits. Strong emphasis on two techniques in particular: Fixed Fractional Trading and Fixed Ratio Trading. You'll also find straightforward guidelines on determining how many trades to place, analyzing what their maximum drawdowns should be, and combining different markets and different systems for diversification.