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A "soup to nuts" education on technical analysis and a methodical masterful presentation of the steps necessary for successful chart interpretation. The author has convinced countless CNBC viewers that profits are found in the trends, not the fundamentals...and this book makes that same convincing case.


A practical and results-oriented introduction to technical analysis and charting. Provides strategies for using technical analysis in every major market...along with detailed explanations of which tools provide the most predictive value. Includes insightful examinations of trend detection, chart pattern interpretation, bull/bear signals, and much more.


The most comprehensive and reliable technical analysis guidebook in existence, now in its Third Edition. Shows how to analyze both markets and individual issues - while presenting complete investment systems and portfolio plans.


Covers a broad swath of technical trading topics, including: How To use your charts to best capitalize on the supply/demand dynamics that move markets...Specific trading patterns used profitably for over a decade by the author...Practical probability theory...Tools for confirmation, and much more.

Technical Analysis



Focuses on how to spot and profit from trend reversals - which offer an excellent risk/reward ratio - using the technical analysis of price action. Learn the various types of reversals and how to best attack each. Includes valuable insight into successfully trading the opening range of a day session.


In-depth look at how to spot and profit from trading ranges - which most markets are in, most of the time - using the technical analysis of price action. Unique insights into a wide variety of trading range related aspects are provided, including: breakouts, market "magnets" (support and resistance), pullbacks, and much more.

Technical Analysis



Skillfully addresses how understanding price action and effectively reading price charts - bar by bar - can help you follow unfolding trends usually initiated by institutions. Provides specific guidance on how to profitably piggyback onto their trades by setting up early entries with tight stops.