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Professional trader Colin Alexander unveils his revolutionary long-term commodities trading plan The Wellspring System. This remarkable technical method targets the "big moves" and is structured with precise entry and exit techniques to capture maximum profits from every substantial trend. Using a step-by-step, businesslike approach, Colin Alexander detects the most exceptional, high potential opportunities . . . and opens the door to a level of profitability never before attainable. Phenomenal five-year track record shown!

Trend Trading


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Provides rare insight into how an actual CTA hedge fund manager trades. Sheds light on some very important and previously undocumented aspects of trend following. A real life presentation of a potentially very successful trading approach.

Technical Analysis


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Skillfully addresses how understanding price action and effectively reading price charts - bar by bar - can help you follow unfolding trends usually initiated by institutions. Provides specific guidance on how to profitably piggyback onto their trades by setting up early entries with tight stops.