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An exciting video from S&P floor trader Barry Haigh revealing trading techniques which can enormously boost your stock index profits. (Note that the image shown here is of the original VHS tape, however this product is now available as a DVD only).


This information-packed video presents the "Golden Rules" of a 25 year professional trading veteran. Learn the most treasured and powerful trading precepts George Kleinman strictly follows to maintain sustained trading success. Very practical and very specific techniques applied.


Uses a proprietary combination of stochastics, candlesticks and other proven technical indicators to consistently spot and trade big moves. Utilizes a mix of market clues to zero in on reversal points. Key market clues include the use of seasonality...the business cycle...and the Commitments of Traders Report.


Getting in--or out--of the market at the precise moment is a trading "art." Now, veteran trader and Gann expert Bill McLaren shows you how to master this vital art form in a fast-paced new workshop. This renowned technical analyst shows: How the markets set up to trigger fast moves . . . How to recognize when this will occur . . . How to make the most money--in the shortest amount of time . . . How to recognize trends . . . And--most importantly--how to analyze and apply price/volume data.