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Price Patterns



Shows the ins and outs of recognizing the specific technical patterns that are most useful for traders to know. Each of the patterns presented has stood the test of time, and contains a message from the markets that can help capture or preserve profits. Learn to interpret each message properly and then act appropriately.


Takes chart analysis one step further. Goes beyond buy triggers to examine price reactions in twenty of the most common chart patterns. Simply match your setup to one of the configurations presented and see - before you buy - how your trade will likely perform.


A superb reference of over 50 chart patterns that have proven effective -­ in varying degrees -­ at predicting or foreshadowing upcoming market activity. In-depth examination of each pattern includes performance statistics . . . exploitative trading tactics . . . and expected behavioral characteristics. An indispensable collection of the most meaningful chart patterns . . . all pulled together "under one roof."


To determine how prices are likely to move--and when--it is vital that you first develop a thorough knowledge of price patterns. This book introduces you to the patterns that are working--and working consistently--for traders in today's volatile markets, then helps you determine which will work best for you and your personal trading style. Learn how to forecast how long an uptrend or downtrend will continue...and at what point the trend is destined to reverse its course.


Learn to spot pattern models in the apparent chaos of the markets...and see how to then move swiftly to capitalize on intraday trends at their onset.Strong focus on E-mini and Russell futures contracts.


This insightful new book demonstrates how applying price action analysis to chart patterns can help enhance returns and minimize downside risk. Discover the importance of understanding every bar on a price chart, why particular patterns are reliable set-ups for trades, and how to locate entry and exit points in real-time.