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Within the pages of this book, you’ll learn how to identify chart patterns, supported by easy-to-understand performance statistics describing how well a pattern works, what the failure rate is, and what special quirks suggest better future performance. You’ll discover how often a stop loss order will trigger at various locations within a chart pattern, how the chart pattern’s performance has evolved over the past three decades, and how to profit from failure by trading busted patterns.

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An engaging, in-depth primer on the fundamentals of money management and the financial system that affects all our lives. Demystifies finance and provides plainspoken, straightforward advice for building a solid foundation you can count on in good times and bad.


Veteran trader John Carter has updated his time-proven swing trading techniques in this Third Edition of his day trading best seller. Examines in detail the underlying factors that cause prices to move...and provides the tools you need to either pull out before losses accrue or hang on for a predictably long ride.

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Here is the gripping story of the creation of what would become the largest mutual fund organization in the world, The Vanguard told by it's founder, John C. Bogle. Not deterred by his colleagues' caution and - in some cases - outright hostility towards the concept of a truly mutual fund, Bogle persevered and built a $5 trillion mutual fund complex. Learn the investment philosophy that brings mutual fund investors their fair share of stock and bond market returns.


Written by an interbank FX trader with over twenty years of experience, this book will help you navigate this lucrative, volatile and quite liquid market. Includes training in vital inputs such as macro fundamentals, sentiment, cross-market action and prudent risk management. Teaches you specific skills and helps you develop your own style so you can improve your trade selection, risk management and decision-making process and achieve better outcomes.

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Shows how to turn your investment portfolio into an income factory whose sole job is to create a "river of cash" that you can use to fuel growth through reinvesting and compounding. The author shatters the myth that investment success depends on market appreciation...instead focusing on earning your return in cash - ensuring your financial growth through all sorts of market volatility.

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This book is about making decisions. Science tells us that human decision-making is flawed, biased, and irrational. The author trains you to avoid these problems in day-to-day decisions...react in real-time with the appropriate decision...leverage your unique skills and knowledge...make profitable trades...and think like a trader.


Presents imaginative and unconventional commodity options strategies intended to reduce the hazards of speculation as well as help businesses improve the efficiency of their hedging activities. Through tough-learned lessons, this book tackles the nearly impossible task of streamlining the process of developing an appropriate options strategy for any market environment and risk tolerance, then making the necessary mid-trade adjustments to improve the odds of success.


Complete information about the latest, most successful indicators, programs, algorithms and systems. Now in it's sixth edition, this is the most comprehensive resource covering technical analysis available anywhere.


This book is an essential resource for those making pricing or risk management decisions in time-constrained environments...including, naturally, traders. An in-depth analysis of options theory with an eye towards helping develop a trader's sense of intuition when it come to options trading.