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This fascinating book is loaded with practical information designed to help you in the commodity market. The author's method, proven by his million dollar success, does not involve complicated math or subjective evaluation. There are two completely systematic methods; %R and Momentum. The essence of these methods is that they tell you if the super powers are long or short; when the super powers expect a major move to start; and when to start buying or selling for substantial profits.


Comprehensive guide with strong day trading emphasis provides illuminating insights into floor trader maneuvering. Most intriguing section is the one presenting the proprietary LSS System.


The author spells out the momentum driven techniques which form the cornerstone of his personal market approach, an approach which once helped him earn over $1,000,000 in a single year. This Momentum Method accurately anticipates the direction and duration of "breaking" price moves by closely analyzing how quickly (or how slowly) price is changing in a market.

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Presenting the first scientific, objective approach to market forecasting with the Elliott Wave Theory. A revolutionary work that is simply the greatest book ever on Elliott Wave Analysis! A comprehensive, detailed guide for all investors serious about finding the solution to the market. The late Bruce Babcock had this to say about Neely's masterwork: "What a feast of ideas for both novice and experienced Ellioticians!" Larry Jacobs added: "This book provides the most complete explanation of Elliott Wave Theory available." Since its publication well over 25 years ago, this masterwork has consistently been the number one best-seller for publisher Windsor Books.


Career professional trader Kelly Angle spells out his S&P 500 Pro-System . . . a hybrid short-term and day trading approach that links five separate strategies into one method. Each of the five core strategies seeks to capitalize on an exploitable price event triggered by reoccurring human behavior. Though the emphasis is on E-mini S&P trading, the system can be used on full-size S&P contracts also.

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An unprecedented, hand-picked collection of the most trusted and effective seasonal trades available to you now--and for years to come. This long-awaited sequel to John Momsen's 1998 best-seller offers up a newly selected star-studded roster of 18 prized seasonals--9 totally new trades plus 9 "updated and perfected" revised trades from his first book--all boasting extremely impressive performance statistics. John Momsen's faithfully dependable SUPERSTAR SEASONALS are "personal favorite" outstanding trading opportunities that roll around every 12 months--like clockwork!


Success in commodity trading depends on good price forecasting. That's what this market classic is about: Using price charts (and other simple technical indicators) to time your trades better, spot price trends, estimate the distance a new price thrust will travel, locate logic points for "buy" and "sell" stops, and identify potential trend reversal points.


In this extremely popular book, career trader John Momsen has assembled 41 of the most profitable, accurate and dependable seasonal trades the futures markets have to offer. Trades that tend to kick in “right on schedule” year after year after year. Using a straightforward “no fluff” presentation, the author shows you how to capitalize on the most cooperative annually recurring price moves in 22 different futures markets. This remarkable book actually unveils clearly repetitive NEW seasonal tendencies that somehow, someway escaped detection—until now!