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This plain-spoken guide shows you how day trading works, identifies the all-too-numerous pitfalls, and gives you a step-by-step action plan to get started. From classic and renegade strategies to the nitty-gritty daily practices, you'll see how to keep a cool head and manage risk while you buy and sell your positions.

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Learn how to structure short term option trades that exploit well-defined price distortions and anomalies. And discover a breakthrough technique for utilizing volatility to identify the beginning and end of short-lived trends. With this book you'll find yourself perfectly positioned to capitalize on breaking financial news.

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Uses the unique and original concept of Zone Pattern Probability Analysis to isolate day trades with the highest profit potential. Projects where key intraday turning points are expected to occur based on price activity within the last 24 hours. Accompanying the main text is a second book updating the original, making this impressive trading approach totally current up to 2003.

Short Term & Day Trading



Small, low priced paperback handbook is packed with 27 sure-fire strategies for profits in futures. 22 pp.

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This fully revised and updated edition of Larry Williams' bestselling book outlines the blueprint necessary for sound and profitable short-term trading. Topics range from volatility break-outs to profit patterns...and includes eye-opening revelations regarding the most dominant cycles and why the market really moves as it does. A truly remarkable work from a genuine living legend.


Low priced handbook packed with brilliant concepts to enter and exit day trades with surgical precision. This powerful compilation of inner circle techniques from one of the world's greatest day traders includes: The true key reversal day . . . The option box method . . . How to know whether today's high or low will occur first . . . The three most critical time points you must focus on every day trading day . . . and much more.


Career professional trader Kelly Angle spells out his S&P 500 Pro-System . . . a hybrid short-term and day trading approach that links five separate strategies into one method. Each of the five core strategies seeks to capitalize on an exploitable price event triggered by reoccurring human behavior. Though the emphasis is on E-mini S&P trading, the system can be used on full-size S&P contracts also.


Learn a simple yet powerful day trading system originally devised by legendary trader Larry Williams.

Short Term & Day Trading


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Offers practical coverage of price-, time-, and volume-analysis techniques, money and position management strategies, and mechanical and technical trading systems. Its step-by-step explanation of computerized trading tactics will help you more consistently earn substantial profits from your intraday trading. Complete with abundant charts and graphs, plus 14 real-world case studies that depict the art and science of day trading in action.

Short Term & Day Trading



Floor trader Neal Weintraub reveals his simple-to-use techniques to accurately forecast tomorrow's highs and lows in the commodity markets.