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This nuts-and-bolts guide gives you a step-by-step action plan for understanding and trading the forex market. It offers practical guidance on comprehending currency quotes, identifying forex trading opportunities, using leverage, trading with fundamentals, navigating technical analysis, and much more.

Algorithmic Trading


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A practical guide to algorithmic trading strategies that can be readily implemented by both retail and institutional traders alike. Skillfully covers a wide array of strategies. Broadly divided into the mean-reverting and momentum camps, it lays out standard techniques for trading each category of strategies and the fundamental reasons why a strategy should work.

For Dummies Series


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Shows you how to construct and use candlestick, bar, line, and area charts. You'll discover what each type of chart does best, and what tools you can add to the charts to make them more effective.

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Shows how to turn your investment portfolio into an income factory whose sole job is to create a "river of cash" that you can use to fuel growth through reinvesting and compounding. The author shatters the myth that investment success depends on market appreciation...instead focusing on earning your return in cash - ensuring your financial growth through all sorts of market volatility.


Presents imaginative and unconventional commodity options strategies intended to reduce the hazards of speculation as well as help businesses improve the efficiency of their hedging activities. Through tough-learned lessons, this book tackles the nearly impossible task of streamlining the process of developing an appropriate options strategy for any market environment and risk tolerance, then making the necessary mid-trade adjustments to improve the odds of success.

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This book is an essential resource for those making pricing or risk management decisions in time-constrained environments...including, naturally, traders. An in-depth analysis of options theory with an eye towards helping develop a trader's sense of intuition when it come to options trading.

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Written by an interbank FX trader with over twenty years of experience, this book will help you navigate this lucrative, volatile and quite liquid market. Includes training in vital inputs such as macro fundamentals, sentiment, cross-market action and prudent risk management. Teaches you specific skills and helps you develop your own style so you can improve your trade selection, risk management and decision-making process and achieve better outcomes.

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Trains first time traders in the importance of making a series of right decisions before ever placing a commodity trade. Presents detailed instruction on fully understanding market mechanics and logistics...choosing a proper trading platform...understanding order types...quoting and calculating profit or loss in each of the commodity markets...preparing for margin calls...and much more.

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Shows how a simple portfolio of three Total Market Index Funds outperforms most investors, with less risk. This easy-to-implement investing strategy follows the philosophy of iconic investor and Vanguard founder, Jack Bogle. Trains you to determine your proper asset choose smart investments...and then optimally manage your portfolio over time - without losing sleep or money.

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A thought provoking book that outlines what it takes to develop, evaluate and implement an effective trading strategy in the real world. Packed with life and market lessons, the author corrects the misconceptions and explains the realities of futures trading, along with the risks and potential rewards. Introduces the Angle Ratio, a proprietary performance measuring method that could eclipse the Sharpe Ratio as the premier indicator of system performance.

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Guides traders through the process of commodity market analysis, strategy development, and risk management. Discusses several alternative market concepts and unconventional views such as option selling tactics, hedging futures positions with options, and combining the practice of fundamental, technical, seasonal, and sentiment analysis to gauge market price changes.

Personal Finance


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Index funds and ETFs are in accelerating demand by active investors around the world. This short book explains why active investing is far less effective than it once was, and why astute investors are increasingly switching to indexing.

Indicators & Techniques


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Understanding the macroeconomic forces at work everyday is essential to managing risk and getting in front of the next big movers.These underlying trends shift economies the same way earnings releases move stocks, which make following economic indicators a core practice of successful investors and traders. This book conveniently offers an illustrated tour of all the major indicators to habitually watch.

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Delves into the practical matters of automated trading, explaining everything from where to find quality data, to which platforms to consider, to timely and topical strategies. This is an accessible and information-packed book for the quant-minded trader.

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Takes chart analysis one step further. Goes beyond buy triggers to examine price reactions in twenty of the most common chart patterns. Simply match your setup to one of the configurations presented and see - before you buy - how your trade will likely perform.

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A "soup to nuts" education on technical analysis and a methodical masterful presentation of the steps necessary for successful chart interpretation. The author has convinced countless CNBC viewers that profits are found in the trends, not the fundamentals...and this book makes that same convincing case.

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Distills the complexity and vastness of the financial markets into a detailed 10 stage roadmap that investors of all levels can follow to develop their own consistently profitable, high probability investment system. Provides a rare and authentic look into the strategies, routines, and processes of a successful individual investor.

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Renowned personal finance expert Eric Tyson combines his time-tested financial advice with updated strategies to help you protect your financial future. Provides action-oriented guidance for getting out of debt, investing wisely, surviving unexpected financial twists and turns, safeguarding your assets, and much more.

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This remarkable Second Edition of the long-time best-seller provides all the skills necessary to generate wealth in the foreign exchange markets. This all-inclusive training tool outlines a practical course of action to develop strategies integrating fundamental and technical analysis...identify high probability patterns and trades...make accurate predictions on market direction...and much more.

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Adroitly illustrates the challenges and emotional swings traders encounter...and, more importantly, gives traders the tools they need to mentally prepare themselves for the trading day. Encourages you to adhere to ten key habits that can transform your trading for good.

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This important book serves as an excellent reminder that selling options is less stressful and more forgiving than traditional directional trading strategies. The authors comprehensively and convincingly demonstrate how options selling strategies can function not only as a relatively effortless income-producing technique but also as a performance-based investment strategy all on their own.

Systems & Strategies


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It's a simple truth that a correct interpretation of Federal Reserve policy leads to better investment decisions. This unique book presents strategies that will help you design a portfolio that takes Fed policy into account. It reveals how the nation's bank routinely signals important clues about it's future policy - and explains how you can use these clues to enhance your portfolio performance.

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This 55 year old classic takes a good hard look at Wall Street...and explains some of the inner workings - and absurdities - of the investing industry. As pertinent and relevant today as it was back in the 40s

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The definitive resource for understanding and applying mindfulness-based trading approaches. Includes techniques to build and enhance awareness and insight, which help manage thoughts and emotions and maximize trading performance.