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29 Options spread techniques. All minimize risk, without cutting profit potential. Specifics for trading are taught; including risk/reward considerations, and some techniques that, in the right situation, cannot lose! Highly acclaimed among options professionals.


Revealed in this well written, easy-to-read book, is an uncanny stock and option timing device that can work in up, down and sideways markets for virtually any type or quality stock. The system utilizes as its principal tool, a unique device, The Moving Balance Indicator (MBI).


The RSL (Relative Strength Locator) method is a time-tested, disciplined approach to trading the market. This market timing method utilizes a combination of eight indicators -­ some classic, some totally new -­ that work in real-time trading. Includes a detailed performance record that validates the approach. System is applied to Futures, Options and Mutual Fund markets with step-by-step rules.