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Agricultural options offer an exciting opportunity to make spectacular profits at a low fixed risk. George Angell shows how to master these powerful instruments to earn maximum profits. You'll learn how to identify a good ag options buy . . . how to profit in a stationary market . . . and a shrewd way to make a fortune in soybeans on $5,000 or less. Also find out about the author's Twenty Time-Tested Rules specifically for grain options.

Short Term & Day Trading



Small, low priced paperback handbook is packed with 27 sure-fire strategies for profits in futures. 22 pp.


Small, low priced E-Book is packed with 27 sure-fire strategies for profits in futures. -- (Book supplied as a PDF. Please allow 48 hours to receive it.)


Comprehensive guide with strong day trading emphasis provides illuminating insights into floor trader maneuvering. Most intriguing section is the one presenting the proprietary LSS System.


This book updates spread trades Mr. Angell originally published in 1980. Learn 20 specific trade strategies that have been proven successful in real-time. At the time of publication, one Pork Belly spread had been 100% correct for over 15 years.


Covers a broad range of strategies for profiting in today's hottest markets; including stock index futures, T-Bonds, and options on futures. Special day trading section is also included, featuring the LSS System, a brilliantly creative trading approach with a long track record of success. An authoritative and comprehensive handbook for today's investor.