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An industry expert presents the perfect technical analysis primer. Introduces investors to oscillators, price and time charts, on-line charting applications, deciphering chart patterns and much more. The best hands-on guide you'll find.

Trader Profiles & Interviews



Industry expert Jack Schwager picks the brains of the biggest names in the hedge fund world. Learn what makes a great trader great through 15 incisive and insightful interviews.


Exposes the truth about the cherished assumptions and fallacious thinking at the core of some of the most respected investment theories and models. The emphasis throughout is on how markets really work, and how they don't.

Trader Profiles & Interviews



How do the world's top traders amass millions? This classic best-seller takes you into the minds of the greatest traders Wall Street has ever known. In-depth interviews with key players expose every facet of their strategies. Interviewees include Richard Dennis and Paul Tudor Jones.