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This author's unique trading method combines candlestick charting with pivot point analysis. The primary emphasis in this book is on showing you how to devise your own setups and triggers - in the stock, forex, and futures markets - based on a moving average approach. John Person also discloses some of his previously proprietary setups...complete with rules on the entries and exits to help you identify high probability trades.


Offers a well-rounded approach to market timing by combining technical tools with sector and seasonal analysis. Helps you to answer the all-important question: What is the value of a certain stock, commodity or ETF?


Uses a proprietary combination of stochastics, candlesticks and other proven technical indicators to consistently spot and trade big moves. Utilizes a mix of market clues to zero in on reversal points. Key market clues include the use of seasonality...the business cycle...and the Commitments of Traders Report.