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Trading legend Larry Williams wrote this relatively short "straight to the point" booklet the year after shattering a trading contest record by running $10,000 up to $1,147,607. -- (Book supplied as a PDF. Please allow 48 hours to receive it.)


This fascinating book is loaded with practical information designed to help you in the commodity market. The author's method, proven by his million dollar success, does not involve complicated math or subjective evaluation. There are two completely systematic methods; %R and Momentum. The essence of these methods is that they tell you if the super powers are long or short; when the super powers expect a major move to start; and when to start buying or selling for substantial profits.

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This fully revised and updated edition of Larry Williams' bestselling book outlines the blueprint necessary for sound and profitable short-term trading. Topics range from volatility break-outs to profit patterns...and includes eye-opening revelations regarding the most dominant cycles and why the market really moves as it does. A truly remarkable work from a genuine living legend.

Spreads & Seasonals



The original breakthrough in successful commodity trading. Features a systematic trading program that achieved seven winners out of every eight seasonal tendency commodity trades.


This earth-shattering book reveals Larry's most private trading thoughts, methods and strategies. Including the very same research that led to his winning the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading, by turning his $10,000 account into $1,147,607! Includes his accumulation/distribution method, price pattern research, market forecasting methods, and 6 profitable Stock Index Futures trading methods. An absolute must-read!


The concluding volume of Larry Williams' revolutionary work. Includes over 50 pages of Larry's personal day trading knowledge. A money management technique to give you a 99% probability of doubling your money. The Ultimate Oscillator, the Zero Balance Method, loads more. This book is filled from cover to cover with usable hands-on trading strategies and tools.


You are shown Williams' personal technique for picking stocks based on identifying what stocks are under professional buying or selling. In addition, you'll learn how to successfully forecast the market's short, intermediate and long-term trend; and be shown how to combine stock selection with market timing to improve your results.

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World-renowned trader Larry Williams reveals industry secrets that will help you align yourself with the billion-dollar traders and pools that move in and out of commodity markets each day. The trading activity of these market superpowers (commonly known as "Commercials") is regularly and routinely made public through the Commitment of Traders (COT) report. Larry Williams explains the COT in detail and lays out a plan for you to capitalize on the information it reveals.